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Intoto and Nanopower collaboration for live river monitoring

At Nanopower Semiconductor, we are dedicated to pioneering energy-efficient technologies that have a meaningful impact on various industries, including environmental monitoring. Our recent inspirational visit to Intoto in Kvinesdal, Norway gave us insight into Intoto’s work enhancing flood prevention across Norway. It also gave us additional insight into the low power requirements of remote harsh weather environmental monitoring and the potential of our nPZero power-saving IC in a very different operating environment.


Intoto's mission

Intoto’s mission is to advance Norway’s access to river data, guiding informed and sustainable choices through transformative infrastructure. This aligns perfectly with our goal at Nanopower Semiconductor to develop technologies that make a positive difference.

Monitoring rivers and beyond

Intoto is building both the solution for analyzing and presenting data to stakeholders and decision-makers. But, to gather enough data, they are also building the necessary network and hardware infrastructure.

The devices developed by Intoto are capable of monitoring rivers and other critical water bodies. These devices collect live data on water levels, flow rates, and other key parameters. By providing real-time data in combination with other data streams, they can offer early warnings of potential flooding, giving municipalities and other stakeholders the time they need to prepare and respond effectively.



The power of nPZero

The nPZero power-saving IC is ideal for environmental monitoring systems where power efficiency is crucial for the required long operational life without maintenance and downtime. Remote battery-powered devices need to last longer and be more cost-efficient. This is where Nanopower Semiconductor’s nPZero power-saving IC comes into play.

Collaboration for national and global Impact

Intoto aims at national and global impact with its environmental monitoring solutions with their vision of creating a world where nature’s secrets are universally shared, enhancing our connection and understanding to the environment around us.

Intoto and Nanopower will work together to support each other’s vision by chasing solutions that can operate for years in the field. By delivering our enabling technology through the nPZero IC, we can help Intoto achieve its goal of a comprehensive, efficient, and reliable flood monitoring network. While Intoto will build the network, our advanced semiconductor solutions can empower Intoto to realize its ambitious plans.

We are looking forward to working with Intoto going forward!




For more information about our nPZero power-saving IC and other innovative solutions, visit nPZero power-saving IC. To learn more about Intoto and their mission, check out Intoto’s website.



EIC Accelerator funding

Nanopower development is part-funded through EU’s European Innovation Council.