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nPZero technology

Offers up to 90% reduction in power consumption


The nPZero is a new architecture and new method to dramatically reduce the power consumption

nPZero dramatically increases the battery life of your devices while keeping monitoring functions intact:

The ability to configure and check sensors at extremely low power and wake up a device on events, extending low power modes while staying responsive. 

Deep sleep and the ability to wake up a device based on a schedule or at a specific time.

Advanced power management including fast and flexible power cycling, reducing power consumption in active modes.

Subthreshold IC design

In current designs, transistors operate in a region that requires currents in the order of microamps. We design our entire integrated circuit to operate in the subthreshold region, which enables us to reduce the power consumption by a factor of 1,000.

A smart power manager

nPZero functions as an advanced power management hub for any system’s wireless chip, processor, sensors, and other peripherals. Our IC manages power-hungry microcontrollers, sensors, and radios, bringing them back online only when needed. All critical functions of the IoT device remain intact while adding low-power capabilities.

Proven performance 

Our performance is proven on silicon and verified with high precision instruments.

19 nanoampere

Compatible with any wireless technology, microcontroller, or sensor

nPZero is technology agnostic and can function as a power management hub for any host, and I2C and SPI peripherals through an extremely flexible structure. All functions of the host and peripherals are kept intact while adding low-power capabilities. The system is also open for integration with any back-end provider.

Enables harvesting more energy than you ever thought possible, never running out of power

Completely new opportunities arise with a power consumption low enough to enable net positive contribution from energy harvesting.