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Our partners

Creating value through open collaboration and joint intent

Our Partners

We work together with trusted partners to strengthen our capabilities, challenge our assumptions, and create value for our customers. We believe in open collaboration and joint intent to come up with better solutions than we could muster alone.

Semiconductor partners

IMEC is the largest independent not-for-profit R&D institute and innovation hub in Europe. IMEC is a leading provider of services to the semiconductor industry, from research to production. Since 2020, IMEC has supported Nanopower with tapeouts and packaging of our prototypes. IMEC is an important resource for Nanopower going forward and will support both through future R&D, as well as commercialization and scale-up.

Cadence Design Systems is the world’s leading EDA company. Cadence tools form the backbone of our design infrastructure, both for analog IC design, digital implementation, and PCB design for test systems.


DigiKey DigiKey is one of the largest and fastest-growing distributors of electronic components in the world. The company offers a large selection of in-stock electronic components and specializes in the fast delivery of components to its customers.


Industrial partners

Svep Design Center AB is a leading hardware designer and IoT Cloud provider, based in Sweden. The company has since 1978, designed wireless systems, wearables, and other battery-powered electronic devices and systems.
Customers of Nanopower without their own design capabilities can use Svep for developing designs using the Nanopower IC. At the same time, Svep is a long-standing and important partner for technical feedback on our products.

Digit2 AB is an expert consultant in Industry 4.0 implementation, focusing on Sweden and Germany. They provide us with a deeper end-user understanding than is otherwise possible for a semiconductor company. With their unique background and customer base, Digit2 assist us in business development as well as technical development priorities.

Wiseware Solutions Lda in Portugal assists us with PCB assembly for tests and pilots. With access to Wiseware’s production line and experience, we can turn around quickly to adapt and adjust when we face challenges

Sonnenberg Harrison in Germany are our IPR experts and advisors. With decades of experience in electronics and semiconductor, they ensure we have a relevant IP strategy and manage all our patent processes world wide.

Financial partners

Pareto Securities is a leading and independent player in the Nordic market for financial services and is Nanopower's advisor for capital markets. Pareto has offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim, Kristiansand, Stockholm, Malmö, Helsinki, Copenhagen, London, Aberdeen, Frankfurt, Zurich, Singapore, Perth, New York and Houston

ZAZ Ventures is our trusted advisor for European funding schemes. Their knowledge and guidance are invaluable when navigating funding schemes and applications.

The Research Council of Norway has provided financing through its IPN program for enabling technologies. We are currently running a 2-year project linked to power harvesting with important funding through the Research Council of Norway.

Skattefunn is an important funding contribution for capital-intensive development work like IC design. Nanopower has had Skattefunn support since 2019 and projects through 2024 have been approved.

Innovation Norway has since the company’s inception provided support, both in terms of advice and financing.

Academic partners

University of Southeastern Norway, USN, has specialized competence in power harvesting, providing us with unique competence and capabilities in an important area for our development work. Also, USN supports us with other specialist knowledge and experience linked to materials technology, IC testing, and problem-solving. Nanopower has also had successful student projects with USN and holds an annual lecture on low-power IC design.

The University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering (FEUP), is an important source of subthreshold competence, innovative ideas, and experience in low-power design and testing. FEUP is a leading Portuguese faculty in IC design and microelectronics. With technology development centered around Porto, FEUP is important for future recruiting.


Næringsforeningen i Kristiansandsregionen, The Kristiansand Region Business Association (NiKR) is a member-owned and politically neutral organization that actively works to promote the interests of the business community.

Powered By Telemark, Powered by Telemark is a cluster for technology and industry, based in Grenland, Norway. We work towards a climate-positive region by 2040.

Electronic Coast Norway, Electronic Coast is an independent industrial association and expertise cluster that works within arena and network building. Our goal is to strengthen the value creation and innovation in electronics and ICT-based companies in Vestfold.


UN Global Compact, Nanopower Semiconductor is a proud member of the UN Global Compact. This alliance strengthens our resolve to drive positive change, aligning our actions with global sustainability standards

Tinkr, Tinkr experts specialize in crafting and implementing tailored strategies for achieving sustainability goals. As we aim toward a greener future, we ensure a seamless integration of sustainability into your core business practices.

Other partners

AGP Lawyers have special expertise in M&A, capital markets, and corporate law. They are assisting us across a wide range of topics from simple details to corporate structure and transactions.

Tress Design AS in Norway helps us look good through graphical design support of everything from presentations to digital platforms and printed material.

Falk Media AS in Norway helps us with the digital marketing strategy to reach and engage with the right audiences.

Janse Kommunikasjon AS in Norway is our communication advisor.