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The art of low-power IoT

Continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure in the high Arctic
In Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost city, it is a key responsibility of the municipality to provide a reliable supply of water and district heating. The unforgiving weather (yearly avg. temp. -8°C) makes maintaining and servicing the necessary infrastructure a real challenge.
Lyb. in the storm
 In March 2022 Nanopower set up a network of smart sensors and gateways in key locations to pinpoint problems instantly, alert maintenance operators and collect valuable data. The system has now been running successfully for more than a year, with close to zero downtime.
We partnered with Svep Design Center and Telenor Svalbard to realize this project. They provided us with the hardware, dashboard, and connectivity. Sveps knowledge in development of IoT systems and Telenor Svalbard's local expertise and reliable 4G network was key to the good results.
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Nanopowers intent was to test the performance of our power management technology in the harshest climate possible. The goal was to have small wireless sensors delivering data reliably and not run out of battery power. The unique capabilities of the np-Zero technology allowed us to successfully monitor temperature and humidity in close to real-time on a tiny power budget.
Mission accomplished!!
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