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nPZero SENTINEL Evaluation Board

Offers up to 90% reduction in power consumption

Reduce power consumption for any device

Reduce cost and PCB space

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A powerful solution for testing nPZero IPMIC power reduction capabilities of any wireless chip or peripheral

The EVB is designed to help developers assess the performance of the nPZero IPMIC in a range of IoT applications. An affordable and flexible way for users to try out new concepts and build prototypes

  • Test with any host, MCU or wireless chip

  • Reduce the power consumption of any sensor or pheripheral

  • Monitor harvested energy

EVB Block Diagram - REV00-2


The nPZero EVB provides an affordable and flexible way for users to try out new concepts and build prototypes.



 All features

Common features
    • nPZero IPMIC
    • 1 user LED
    • 1 reset push-button
    • Board connectors: USB C connector for nPZero Software
    • Flexible power-supply options: USB VBUS or external sources


Connected Sensors

Support of a wide choice of sensors and peripheral thorugh the 6 pin PMOD connectors.

Up to four different sensors can be connected simultaneously.

Connected host, MCU`s or wireless chips

Support to connect a wide range of hosts, MCU`s and wireless chips through the 12 pin PMOD connector.


Documentation will be uploaded here as soon as the EVB is available for purchase.