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Power and Will - Agderkonferansen

Nanopower CEO Tore Irgens Kuhnle was invited to speak about how Nanopower makes a difference in the transition to a sustainable future, and how it finds the human power to make it possible. Agderkonferansen is excellent opportunity to tell our story and brag about our team (an easy task, they deserve it).

Tore-Irgens-Kuhnle-Agderkonferansen-Nico-HagenPicture by Nico Hagen of South Coast Creative

Power and Will - Agderkonferansen gathered 350 leaders and executives in southern Norway to discuss leadership in a challenging international political climate, and the power and will to make a change.

The conference kicked off by discussing the current international stage, covering important topics such as US elections, European collaboration and security in the face of Russian aggression, the last four months of violence in Israel and Gaza, and international interdependency. Well done by Håkon Haugsbø for facilitating a good discussion of challenging topics, Jan Erik Grindheim for sharing beliefs and doubts in the liberal ideas, Fredrik Græsvik for context, and Sidsel Wold for her view from Jerusalem.


Picture by Siri Urdal of Driv Agder

On the topic of power by people - Norwegian Minister Tonje Brenna shared her view of how to make sure we get the best of people in the future. Megan Elisabeth Summer Strand and Clare Jortveit on how we Norwegians should take care of those who ventured north and moved here from other countries… What’s the value if they leave again? Naja Boone of Morrow followed up on how they do exactly that. Lotte van der Mahle Holtskog and Maiken Graesli McNeill reminded us to let the young shine and develop as leaders.


"Despite a pandemic, challenging times, and the crazy idea of making a semiconductor company from scratch, we managed to build the best team that is making it happen".

Tore Irgens Kuhnle

Tore Irgens Kuhnle, CEO
Speaker at Agderkonferansen


On the topic of power - Steffen Syvertsen, CEO of Å Energi reminded us that abundant renewable energy does not just happen. Andreas Myhre gave us a tour of the most valuable water in Europe and how this creates direct value for society. Sigrun Aasland and Ole Erik Almlid came out fighting with hard facts on the speed of change facing society.

Stine Bjønnstu Holthe on the power of information, Smiljana Divjak on changing the entire value chain (circle) in fish farming. And, Nanopower on tackling the battery bottleneck.

The conference was an excellent effort by Dag Tynes of D3.