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Sneak peek: nPZero Evaluation Board (EVB)

Nanopower Semiconductor unveils its latest creation – a modular Evaluation Board (EVB) to speed up the process from idea to finished product.


Key features

  • Nanopower's EVB (Evaluation Board): This is a modular kit designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the nPZero power-saving IC.

  • nPZero Power-saving IC: The star of the show, represents a technological breakthrough by focusing on reducing power consumption by utilizing subthreshold IC design.

  • Speeding up the Testing Phase: The nPZero EVB  is designed to speed up the testing phase of IoT projects. This implies that the power-saving capabilities of the IC can be easily integrated into IoT applications, reducing development time.

  • Use of Low-power Sensors and Microcontroller: The EVB is designed to work in conjunction with commonly used low-power sensors and microcontrollers via connectors.


The nPZero evaluation kit consists of four (4) boards, making it easy to test with different hosts and sensors. To get you started all four boards are included in the kit.

"At its core, the nPZero power-saving IC takes the spotlight, minimizing power consumption and extending device battery life."
William Xavier

William Xavier, CTO, Nanopower Semiconductor.

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